• Starters

    Cuttlefish returns to the sea   20€

    Plateau Royal and cauliflowers   22€

    "Fassona" meat petals, green peas snow and pears   20€

    Rabbit, Merella’s chickpeas and radish   20€

  • First dishes

    Rice, quail and turnip   20€

    Spaghettoni, mantis shrimps, sea urchins and spinaches   22€

    Potato dumplings, ricotta cheese and  hunchked cardoon of Nizza Monferrato 20€

    My veal filled "Agnolotti del Plin"   18€

  • Main courses

    Sturgeon, celery and anchovies   25€

    Red mullet, purple turnip and bergamot   25€

    From the garden to the plate   18€

    "Fassona" tenderloin and huncked cardoon of Nizza Monferrato   25€


    Piedmont cheese selection:

    - Small tasting (4 cheeses)   12€

    - Great tasting (8 cheeses)   18€

  • Dessert

    Persimmons, almonds and sage   14€

    Journey in chocolate (like Willy Wonka)   16€

    Mascarpone, coffee, haelnuts and "Bicerin"   16€

    Milk curds, olives and liquorice   16€

  • Tastings

    Piedmont   50€


    Entrée "I Due Buoi"

    "Fassona" meat petals, green peas snow and pears

    My veal filled "Agnolotti del Plin"

    Veal,  tuna fish and hunchked cardoon of Nizza Monferrato

    Mascarpone, coffee, hazelnuts and "Bicerin"


    Ten experiences by Jumpei Kuroda   75€


    Ten courses by Chef Jumpei Kuroda


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