Friday June 7th, 2019

Alessandria Red Summer

This year we change.
A new musical proposal for a feminine summer under the stars.

2nd of July
Effe Quartet: an all-female string quartet sublimate the masterpieces of pop music and the most famous soundtracks

16 July
Chiara Giacobbe – Chamber Folk Band: “Buzzati e gli animali”, a wonderful dialogue between music and literature, with violins and female voices intertwining with each other

30 July
Selena Bricco – GPS Trio: one of the most beautiful voices of The Voice 2016 interprets the great national and international successes in a swing way

Buffet dinner from 20.00
Concert from 9.30pm
buffet + concert € 25
drink + concert € 12

For info and reservations
0131.51.71.05 / 0131.51.71.71