chef jumpei kuroda ristorante i due buoi alessandria


Jumpei Kuroda

Jumpei Kuroda is the Chef of “I Due Buoi”.

Japanese of 36 years old, can be considered Italian of adoption.
He has been living in Italy over 12 years, where he has known the Italian cousine getting close to secrets and traditions of each region.

In 2015 he has contributed to conquer the first Michelin Star at “I Due Buoi” and he has worked as a Sous Chef in other prestigious Michelin Star restaurant such as “Agli Amici” in Udine and “Cielo di Ostuni”.
Since January 2017 he is the head of I Due Buoi restaurant where he has been awarded with the Michelin Star and many other recognition.

For Kuroda, cuisine is an absolute passion: he always wants to improve himself and do better.
His place is in the kitchen, with his guys.
A group that, under his guide, keeps constantly growing.


Chef life

Jumpei Kuroda’s cuisine is original and rich of shades that make every taste a unique experience .
One of the main point of our Chef’s philosophy is the respect for the row material.
Respect for its origin, genuinity and the research of innovative and balanced combinations.
The art of Jumpei Kuroda is a real tribute to territory. Tradition is transforming into a proposition of dishes full of colors, fragrances and tastes to discover.

chef jumpei kuroda ristorante i due buoi alessandria