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  • Piedmont Menu

    Fassona meat tartare, smoked yolk, chives and horseradish € 20

    Traditional Plin and salted butter mousse € 18

    It was a bonèt ... € 10


    Tasting menu € 40

  • Truffle Menu

    Fassona meat tartare and smoked yolk 13€

    Egg and Jerusalem artichokes 13€

    Traditional plin and salted butter mousse 18€

    Robiola cheese cake 6€


    Tasting menu 40€


    The courses of this menu are available only with black truffle of Monferrato pairing at 2,50€ / gram. The weight of the truffle must be agreed with the customer depending on availability.
    N.B. Truffle cutter mandolins are available at the cost of 5 €. The mandoline will not be charged for amounts over 80 € (2 menus)

  • Cheeses Selection

    Small tasting (4 cheeses) 15€
    Medium tasting (7 cheeses) 20€
    Big tasting (10 cheeses) 25€

    In combination with homemade mustards and compotes
    (apple and yuzu compote, red onion jam, pineapple mustard, coriander and chili pepper)

  • How to order

    The order must be agreed by contacting the phone numbers 349 6685101 / 0131 517105 at least half an hour before delivery.



    Every day - reservations before 12.00 p.m.
    delivery and order pick up times 12.30 - 2.30 p.m.


    Every day - reservations before 7.00 p.m
    delivery and order pick up times 7.30 - 9.00 p.m.

    We accept payment in cash on delivery or by credit card as a guarantee to be communicated at the time of order.

    The minimum order is 30€.

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