• Starters

    Squid and earth's wonders   22€

    Plateau Royal and cauliflowers   25€

    "Fassona" meat tartare, crunchy egg yolk, truffle and black cabbage   25€

    Rabbit, Merella’s chickpeas and radish   22€

  • First dishes

    Rice and saffron, carpet shells and karkade   20€

    Burnt wheat tagliolini, peas and kakiage   20€

    Cappelletti of hind veal shank slice and porcini mushrooms  24€

    My veal filled "Agnolotti del Plin"   22€

  • Main courses

    Sturgeon in the green   26€

    Monkfish, turnip, bergamot and "bagna cauda" sauce   30€

    From the garden to the plate   20€

    "Fassona" tenderloin and seasonal vegetables   28€


    Piedmont cheese selection:

    • Small tasting (4 cheeses)   15€
    • Medium tasting (7 cheeses)  20€
    • Big tasting (10 cheeses) 25€
  • Dessert

    Pears, almonds and sage   18€

    Fruit and vegetables with rice cream and blach sesame sorbet   18€

    Roccaverano's Robiola cheese, raspberry, chocolate and Moscato wine   18€

    White chocolate, pomegranate and mint   18€

  • Tastings

    Piedmont   60€


    Entrée "I Due Buoi"

    "Fassona" meat tartare, oysters mayonnese and rhubarb

    My veal filled "Agnolotti del Plin"

    Veal,  tuna fish and seasonal vegetables

    Roccaverano's Robiola, cheese, raspberry, chocolate and Moscato wine


    Ten experiences by Jumpei Kuroda   80€


    Ten courses by Chef Jumpei Kuroda


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