• Starters

    Fassona meat tartare, smoked egg yolk, chives and horseradish milk 20€

    Scallop goes to East: corn, mallow and brovada 22€

    Sweetbreads, carrots and vermouth 20€

    Tarte à l'oignon, sobacha and buttermilk 18€

  • First dishes

    Traditional plin and butter mousse 18€

    Rice, pumpkin, lemon and sage 18€

    Tajarin, cauliflower, herring and Siberian caviar 25€

    Rabbit "cappelletti", finanziera and red sauce 18€

  • Main courses

    Grey rabbit of Carmagnola, green sauce and caponata 25€

    Redfish and beurre blanc €25

    Veal tongue and lemongrass 18€

    Underground: the lukewarm autumn salad 22€

    Pigeon, Barbera wine and plums 25€

  • Desserts

    It was a bonét... 10€

    chocolate in broth, chesnut and rhubarb 12€

    Robiola, honey and chamomile 12€

    Over the limit: eggplant caponata 12€

  • Tastings

    Piedmont 65€


    Sea 75€


    5/4 60€


    Vegetarian 65€


    Big tasting 85€

    Seven courses chosen by the Chef. For this menu is required the participation of the whole table


    For all tasting proposals are possible wine pairing paths by our Sommelier
    From 35 €


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