Special Menus

  • Easter Menu

    Fassona meat tartare, hazelnuts, lemon, truffle butter mousse
    Asparagus, almonds, paprika and Bernese sauce
    Tortelli of gorgonzola, pears and smoked butter
    Elder lamb in two services: pork and potatoes, roast leg and artichokes
    Fugassa in Veneto style and lemon sauce

    45 €


  • Pic Nic Easter Menu

    Focaccia and salami
    Boiled eggs and tuna sauce
    Peppers and anchovies
    BBQ calf tongue and green piedmontese sauce
    Piedmontese tarte à l'oignon and creme fraiche with dill
    Ravioli with ricotta cheese, light fondue and toasted hazelnuts
    Assorted tarts

    35 €

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